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Essential tools to make better baguettes

As far as baking bread, I feel that baking baguettes can be one of the most challenging loaves to master. It requires extreme baguette specific technique and the need for precision. Unlike easier to make breads such as sandwich loaves or rustic boules which you can just make on the fly, making the perfect baguette will require more attention to details such as the right recipe, essential baguette tools, and lots of technique practice. 

To bake artisan baguettes, you'll need a few essential tools to achieve the best results. Here are the key tools you should have:

  1. Baguette Pan: A baguette pan is a specially designed baking pan with elongated troughs or indentations that mimic the shape of baguettes. It helps the dough maintain its shape and supports even baking.

  2. Couche Cloth: A couche cloth is a linen or cotton fabric used for proofing baguettes. It is typically dusted with flour and helps support the baguettes during their final rise, preventing them from spreading sideways. It also creates a classic pattern on the crust. Keep in mind that a couche made of 100% linen will cost you more money to buy but will provide much more crispier better bread. One hundred percent linen couche is definitely my recommended buy.

  3. Bread Lame: A lame is a razor-sharp blade attached to a handle. It is used to make precise and decorative slashes or scores on the surface of the baguette just before baking. Scoring allows the dough to expand properly during baking and gives the baguettes their characteristic appearance.

  4. Dough Scraper: A dough scraper or bench scraper is handy for dividing and shaping the baguette dough. It helps handle sticky dough, cut the dough into equal portions, and shape it into long, thin baguettes.

  5. Baking Stone or Steel: A baking stone or steel is an optional but recommended tool for baking baguettes. It helps create a crisp bottom crust by evenly distributing heat and absorbing excess moisture from the dough.

  6. Oven Thermometer: To ensure accurate temperature control, an oven thermometer is essential. It helps you monitor the oven's internal temperature and make any necessary adjustments.

  7. Sprayer or Misting Bottle: Baguettes benefit from a moist baking environment, which helps develop a thin, crispy crust. A sprayer or misting bottle filled with water allows you to generate steam in the oven, mimicking a professional bread oven.

  8. Cooling Rack: Once the baguettes are baked, they need to cool properly. A cooling rack allows air to circulate around the loaves, preventing condensation and maintaining the crust's crispness.

Given how challenging the baguette is to perfect, it’s all the more important to have the right set of tools and techniques on hand when you bake.



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