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During our vacation to Paris in 2012, my family and I enjoyed the finest baguettes in the world. As we travelled home, we felt the urge to bite into a freshly baked baguette again. We began our journey to relive that experience by searching for the best bakery in America. Although we discovered places that came close to imitating Parisian baking, nothing satisfied the yearning for those authentic baguettes. 



Paris Saint GermainWithout the means to travel to France again, we decided to recreate the Paris experience ourselves. 




Our goals were simple:

  • Be easy to replicate and be consistent
  • Have delicious crust on the outside, chewy inside
  • Be flavorful and tasty, not bland and doughy
  • Use simple tools


It took a while to get right, but after many months of dedicated practice, our baking formula was complete. We had made simple, Paris-style bread with flavorful crust and a light center. Delightful.

Our family and friends adored our baguettes, which made us want to share our creation with the world. Starting in 2014, we began taking small orders from friends and referrals while also selling our product at farmers’ markets.

Eventually, our baking became so popular that we started our business, 

Saint Germain Bakery.








Over the next few years, we expanded into baking sourdoughs.






While we originally purchased our banneton baskets from Amazon, we were unsatisfied with the made-in-China quality. Fortunately, we discovered high-quality banneton baskets made in Vietnam. The artisans who create these baskets do so by hand and use all-natural materials. Because we desired these top-ofthe-line products, we decided to deliver these kinds of baking tools to our customers.

Today, our aim is to bring the best baking products and recipes to home bakers and enthusiasts. Everything we sell is created by artisans and small businesses who must adhere to our rigorous standards. We take pride in everything that we ship, which is why we provide our unconditional satisfaction guarantee. 



We hope you will join the Saint Germain community! With customers around the globe who have used and enjoyed our products, there’s bound to be something you could bring home to your loving family. 

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