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Scoring dough with a knife instead of a bread lame?

Occasionally we have readers who ask us this simple question, "Can I simply use a knife to score my dough instead of a bread lame to save myself from buying another kitchen tool?"  

The answer to that is while you could technically use a knife to score bread dough, it may not be the best tool for the job.

When using a knife, it's possible to press too hard and deflate the dough or create uneven cuts that do not allow for proper expansion. Additionally, a knife may not have the sharpness or shape needed to make the precise cuts that are often required for different types of bread.

Scoring with a bread lame is a preferred method among bakers because it allows for a more controlled and precise cut, which is essential for achieving the desired rise and appearance of the bread. 

For an excellent bread lame, we recommend the Saint Germain Bakery handcrafted bread lame. We use it daily in our bakeries and found that the easy to hold handle and sharp blades always gives us the perfect precision cuts to create bread that is beautiful and delicious.  It even comes with a pack of 10 razor blades and free replacement blades for life! You will now always have sharp blades to achieve clean and precise cuts on your dough.

Overall, scoring bread with a lame is the recommended technique for bakers looking to achieve optimal results in their bread baking. With practice and patience, bakers can create beautiful and delicious breads that are sure to impress!


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