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What Banneton Size Should You Use?

Banneton baskets are simply proofing baskets that give support, structure and shape to the dough during its final rise. They come in different shapes and sizes — can be round, oval or oblong and from small to extra large sizes. Because of this, bakers must assure that the dough quantity aligns with the size of the banneton basket.


So, what banneton size should you use?


  • 8 Inch bannetons are for 500 gram or 1 pound of dough
  • 10 Inch banneton are for 1 Kg or 2 pounds of dough
  • 8 Inch bannetons are for 500g or 1 pound of dough
  • 10 Inch bannetons are for 750g or 1.65 pounds of dough

Also, don’t forget to dust the basket generously with flour and lightly shake off excess amount.  For proofing wet dough, line the basket with a floured linen liner (rice flour is particularly effective). Linen liner reduces sticking of wet dough to the basket and produces a smooth crust.

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  • Thank you for the clear explanation. Weight of dough to size of banneton.
    thank you

    marcia hutter
  • I recently bought a round and an oval banneton, which when they arrived, are smaller than I’d expected. I looked online for how much flour to use in each size and your Saint Germain site told me exactly what I needed to know! Thank you so much.

  • Much Appreciated 👍

    Ian B

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