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How to Shape a Baguette Loaf

Shaping baguette loaf requires technique for proper proofing and achieving a beautiful looking loaf.  Ask different bakers and you may be presented with different techniques! Our technique as presented here aims toward simplicity so that anyone would be able to follow regardless of their skill level: 

  1. After cutting the dough in equal parts, pat down to roughly form a rectangle of your desired size.  
  2. Dust some flour on flat surface, if needed. Along the longer side, fold the upper third part of the rectangular dough toward the bottom third, then press down the folded section with your palm to flatten.
  3. Along the longer side, fold the bottom third toward the top, then press down the folded section with your palm to flatten.
  4. Along the longer side, use your thumb to make a crease in the middle of the rectangular dough, then fold it in half.
  5. Seal the edges with your fingers, then roll the dough back and forth starting from the center towards the end till achieving your desired length. Then transfer each shaped dough onto a proofing couche.


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  • Hi Sandy, yes there is! Please see Product Support on the bottom part of the site, there you will see instructional blogs and videos on how to use the bread lame. :)

    Erica - Saint Germain Support
  • Is there a demonstration of how to use the lame?


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