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Best Yeast Type to Use

Jan 08, 2016 0 comments
Best Yeast Type to Use

The best yeast to use for home baking is the dry yeast. It’s stable and can be stored in the refrigerator to extend its shelf-life. It comes in two types: active dry yeast and instant yeast. Active dry yeast needed heat, such as warm water to activate and  proofing time to slough off the dead cells.  You dissolve active dry yeast in warm water heated to 110°F.  Let it stand for 5 minutes before adding to wet ingredients. The advantage of instant yeast or the rapid-rise, it does not require warm water to be activated. It is finely granulated and can be added directly to dry ingredients.  Instant yeast is the choice for convenience and no preparation time.


Photo credit: The Spruce

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