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The superior choice of French flax linen couche over an all cotton couche

A couche is a piece of fabric used to proof bread dough, also known as a proofing cloth. A French linen couche is a traditional cloth used in French bread-making, and it has a rough texture that helps to create a natural surface tension on the dough as it proofs.

There are vast different products of couche available for purchase online from 100% pure flax linen (imported from France) to 100% cotton (imported from China).  The 100% flax linen couche can cost upwards of double the cost of the cheaper cotton alternative but I will tell you why it is well money spent if you want better wonderful crispy homemade breads.

There are several benefits to using a French flax linen couche over cotton:

  1. Superior moisture wicking: Flax linen is more absorbent than cotton, which means it can wick away more moisture from the dough during the proofing process. This can help create a better crust on the bread and prevent it from sticking to the couche.

  2. Better air circulation: The rough texture of the French flax linen couche allows for better air circulation around the dough, which can help prevent the dough from sticking and create a more even rise.

  3. More durable: Flax linen is generally more durable than cotton and can withstand repeated use and washing without losing its texture or effectiveness.

  4. Natural antimicrobial properties: Flax linen has natural antimicrobial properties, which means it can help prevent the growth of bacteria and mold on the couche.

Overall, using a French flax linen couche can help create better-quality bread with a superior crust, a more even rise, and a more durable proofing cloth that can withstand repeated use. While cotton is also a suitable fabric for a proofing cloth, a French flax linen couche can provide some additional benefits that can make a difference in the final quality of the bread.

Purchase yours here today. 

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