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Care Guide for Banneton Basket

New banneton baskets need to be conditioned before use. They work best if they have thin build up of flour and moisture. In this condition, your dough will not stick to the basket. It will just glide smoothly when removed from the banneton after proofing.


Initial Treatment (Conditioning)

  • With a spray gun, mist banneton with water.
  • Dust the basket with flour generously.
  • Shake off the excess flour lightly.

Daily Use

  • Dust banneton with flour before use.
  • After use, brush with a soft bristle the excess flour, tap lightly. This is done to build up a thin layer of flour and  moisture on the basket.
  • Let the basket air dry thoroughly before storing it.
  • Store the basket in a dry place with proper air circulation.


  • After many uses, there is an accumulation of flour and moisture on the basket.
  • Soak the banneton for 2 minutes in cool tap water and scrub the build up. Use a soft bristled brush. Don’t use  soap.  Air dry thoroughly under the sun.
  • Spray with water and dust with flour before use.

 Controlling Mold Growth

  • When mold growth is evident during storage, expose banneton baskets under the sun for several hours if applicable.
  • In other case, place in the oven at 250°F for 45 minutes. At this time and temperature combination, molds are destroyed then brush off previously moist flour from the basket.
  • Store properly.
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