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How to Use Baguette Flipping Board

Baguette flipping boards are made of long, rectangular thin wood with bevelled edges.  They are used to move baguette dough from the couche to the baguette tray or baking stone without damaging its shape.  The length should not be too long or too short but will fit perfectly in a standard home oven. A good size is 22.5 inches in length, this gives enough room to wiggle around. The bevelled edges of the flipping board enable you to grab the shaped baguette dough without tearing or deflating it. A hole at one end makes it convenient to hang when done. There is a built-in ruler to use. It’s handy when you need to measure the length and width of the dough or how high the dough has risen.

Start from the outermost baguette, flatten the outside edge of the couche. Hold this excess material of the couche, flip the baguette onto the board which is held parallel to the baguette.  This will make the baguette roll onto the board with the scored side facing down. You can now transfer it into the oven by rolling it onto the baking stone, making the scored side facing up. You’ve transferred the shaped dough effortlessly while keeping its shape!

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