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What is Bread Lame and How to Use It

What is bread lame?

Lame, pronounced /læm/ LAHM means “blade” in French. It used to score the dough just before it is placed in the oven. This is done to control the expansion of the dough as it bakes.  It is particularly used for boules and baguettes. A quality lame has comfortable handle to give your hand a firm grip. It has stainless steel stick to hold the razor securely.  And a sharp replaceable razor to create a clean cut on the surface of the dough.


How to use the wooden bread lame?

When you have a comfortable hold of bread lame, it is easy to control as you score the dough.  Hold the lame at 30° to 50° angle depending the type of bread you bake. Make a ½ inch deep slash on the surface of the dough, with only the front corner of the blade touches the dough. Try to do this swiftly and confidently so the lame just glides on the surface cleanly. When the blade dulls, replace the razor following the installation procedure.  Safely store the bread lame inside the bag it comes in when done.

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